Le trou du cul du jour #6

Ça faisait un moment que je n'avais pas continué cette belle série : Le trou du cul du jour. Et cette faut est maintenant réparée grâce à ce mec qui décide de se filmer pendant qu'il pousse sa voiture en panne du haut d'une pente et qui va aller se crasher dans le fossé un […]

New sport : Shooting skaters !

A new sport that begins to be talked about, hunting skaters with a rifle. It is obviously a skilful montage with images of men shooting a rifle and images of falls in skateboard.

Dan Mancina, a blind skater

Becoming blind in recent years, Dan Mancina continues to skateboard and performs tricks, obstacle crossings and other ollies by using a white cane and a horn. Suffering from retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a genetic degenerative disease of the eye that is characterized by a gradual and gradual loss of vision, Dan Mancina knew from the age […]

How to skateboard with swag

During a descent, a skater fell on his hands but instead of finishing his race on the bitumen, he chained a round and a rear salto. Here is how to fall with class.Music: Tom Waits - Whistlin 'Past The Graveyard


A new sport is born: the Skatercross. This is a spectacular race in skateboarding skatepark furnished, with tight turns, pumptracks, obstacles... This discipline is strongly inspired by BMX racing or boardercross (snowboard). In the video, skateboarders Jeromy Green, Evan Doherty and Andy Macdonald clash in skatercross in San Diego in the United States.

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