Jane Zhang sings The Fifth Element song

The Chinese singer Jane Zhang, also known as Zhang Liangying, made a remarkable interpretation of the opera diva they trust, famous scene from the movie "The Fifth Element" directed by Luc Besson. At 32, she became one of the best-known singers in China. It is nicknamed "The Dolphin Princess" with his singing technique.

A shifumi tournament to select a singer

Since 2010 in Japan, the AKB48, one of the most famous female groups of J-pop, organizes tournaments of shifumi (stone-leaf-scissors) for its fans. This year, the stakes were high because the annual tournament, which took place last October, made it possible to select a new singer. AKB48 is composed of several subgroups. Each subgroup must […]

Popping on the song "Redbone"

Dancers perform the Chuck E. Cheese Challenge. A challenge to imitate the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese. The dancers Brandon "Bam" Morales, Marquese "Nonstop" Scott and Julius "IGlide" Chisholm playback and popping (robot dance) on the song "Redbone" of Childish Gambino, giving the impression that he s' Acts of a group of automata.

A guitarist sing with his parrot

In Brazil, a guitarist and a parrot sing a duet. The parrot placed on the neck of the guitar accompanies man whistling, pushing some shouting and even singing. This is incredible how the parrot keep the rhythm of the song and even the tone...

You don't believe in god, you're dumb !

In the program "Ecuador Tiene Talento" broadcasted on the television channel Ecuavisa, Carolina Peña, a 16 years old candidate, is yelled at by the jury because she does not believe in God. Maria Fernanda Rios does not hesitate to buzzer the girl because of her atheism, saying she will not know the miracle of the […]

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