Aladin in town

I watched it again and again, this Vine is so effective simple and SO HILARIOUS ! Lupe Garzia has a good idea with his halloween disguise, he uses the new segway and a carpet for imitate Aladin ! He goes to the supermarket, or takes his burger dressed like that. 😀

The wheelchair of the future

Calvin love his friend Marcus, unfortunately Marcus had to move with a wheelchair because he is paraplegic. So during four years, Calvin and his friend have constructed a new wheelchair with the base of one segway. This is remarkably well done, and he has a lot of advantages : You have your hands free, you […]

Segway dance

This is totally a new concept and it's came from the head of David Moore. Very clever association of dance and segway, maybe if I can say one thing... Why this song ? Why Justin bieber ? Ok the world is big and all of the people doesn't have my good tastes 😉 But you […]

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