Dog VS Hand !

Quietly seated on a sofa, a dog utters a terrible cry of terror, his eyes wide open, when he sees a hand resting on his body.

A possessed pancake

In a plate, a pancake grows frightening cries when pressed with a spatula. Fast, call an exorcist, this pancake is completely possessed!

Weird Idea

Mundo Aventura theme park in Bogota, Colombia, has launched the 'Scream to Go ", in collaboration with the communication agency DDB Colombia. In the most extreme attractions, visitors have a headset to record their screams. Each scream is then transferred to a sound device placed under the lid of a glass jar. You just have […]

Best war scream ever !

In this video you will don't see soldiers, but an army of... DUCKS ! 😀 I am kidding ! In this video you'll see one guy push a plastic duck for his characteristic sound of the toys dog, and push all of the ducks in the same time ! the sound is so funny 🙂

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