Dad saves the lives of two children

In Thailand, a man tinkers on a motorcycle while two children, his daughter and a little boy, play behind him. Suddenly, the father turns over when he hears a car and discovers, with horror, that the vehicle becomes uncontrollable in the direction of the children. In a heroic reflex, he rushes on the children, catches […]

Human chain to save a woman from flood

Saturday, July 30, 2016 in Ellicott City, Maryland (USA), a woman was left trapped in his car in a flooded street. Passersby will help her in forming a human chain. The man at the end of the chain grabbed the woman out of the vehicle, the chain only had to pull out them out of […]

Kangaroo saved from a cattle grid

In the park of the chain of Flinders in Australia, a man helps a kangaroo stuck both feet in the air in a cattle grid. As he approached, he noticed two legs coming out of the gate. A kangaroo head down found himself stuck between two bars. The man came to help gently pulling both […]

A human chain to save a dog's life

In the town of Almaty in Kazakhstan, some people who were passing by rescued a dog who was nearly drowning forming a human chain. The dog fell into a canal feeding the water tank of Sayran. With the strong flow, the dog could not go back. Fortunately, he could count on the help of some […]

A dog saves her puppy

On a road in Romania, a driver filmed with a dash-cam an unusual scene. A puppy tries to cross the road but the car moves fast and risks to hit him. Fortunately the mother pulls the tail her puppy to take back on the border of the road. It is amazing the reflex can have […]

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