Bad Santa (TomSka)

A little girl gets up on Christmas Eve and catches Santa Claus laying the gifts in her living room ... A sketch made by TomSka.

Christmas magic (Cyriak)

A new WTF animation by Cyriak to celebrate the end of a wonderful year. Merry Christmas ! Ho ho ho! This guy made so much weird animations...

Santa snowboarding with a drone !

Santa Claus traded his sled for a drone this year. The youtubeur Casey Neistat went to the Santa Claus Village in Finland to snowboard towed by an overpowered drone. Disguised as Santa Claus, he enjoys hitting the slopes of the resort and winding up with his drone. The flying craft is so powerful that it […]

Pastor announces to children that Santa Claus does not exist

During the weekend of December 10 and 11, 2016, children accompanied by their parents waited impatiently to meet Santa Claus at the Westgate Mall in Amarillo, Texas. Suddenly the evangelical pastor and leader of the Last Frontier Evangelism church broke into the store to play the rabbit-joy by telling the children that Santa Claus does […]

Santa pain

We are near of the period of Christmas and obviously we have all already thought this Charismatic character : Santa. And not the original, the creation of Coca-Cola in red and white suit, and especially the one in this video. This Santa show us how to be a gymnast, but he is maybe little too […]

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