This cat wants to keep bread :)

Boris the cat does not make the package of bread. In a shelter in St. Petersburg in Russia, Boris the cat stole a packet of bread. A woman tries to get it back, but the cat doesn't want to hear. The cat of ears back, makes a killer look and looks determined to not let […]

Crazy Bobcat

A worker loses control of its Bobcat on a road near the Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia. The case starts to bounce frantically raising his bucket before striking a car. This devilish rodeo ends when the worker finally manages to immobilize the Bobcat.

How to stop a street fight?

A man found a technique to disperse young people who were going to fight. March 13, 2017, in the city of UFA in Russia, a man in his apartment downstairs from his home noticed a group of teenagers who was harassing a teenager. He decided to intervene by placing a speaker on the windowsill and […]

Violent blow of stick on the head

In the course of a marriage in Russia, a man takes a violent blow from a stick on the head during a game made blind. A boy with the blindfold has to hit on a piece of wood with a big stick, but when a man comes in to replace an object on the piece […]

SHOCKING : A car hits someones in Russia

A motorist grid a red light and knocks down pedestrians. The scene happened on Thursday, February 16, 2017 on the Russky island near Vladivostok in Russia. A 46 year old woman at the wheel of a Toyota Cami has not seen red lights and pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk. She has donated several people, of […]

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