Sherman tank FPS Russia

If you don't know on we love FPS Russia. On this vidéo our friends driving a sherman tank ! We don't have lot of occasion to see that, it's a historic vehicle ! Like always they shot everywhere with big guns... In this episode you'll see two veterans.


Today after Japan, we travel in Russia to see this beautiful snowfall hits this poor passing. Frequently, Russian people use dashcam in cars because it's one of the country where in cars accident, peoples are violent. And thanks for that, because lot of fails come from RUSSIA and these cams 😀

Russian boat or car ?

Russians are awesome ! These guys are crazy, i'll never do that with my car, maybe I want continue going to work... In this video you'll see how to use a 4X4, not a fuck*ng SUV.In this video, four gentlemen decided to cross a river, they chose thug way.

How to remove snow from a car

Another video from mother Russia. Here is how to remove snow from your car. Take a shitty song and some huge bass and here he goes ! Don't expect to hear something during the next hour.

Crazy FPS Russia

This youtube channel was made by two crazy russian guys who loved gun. Unfortunately, the director Keith Ratliff was killed by a bullet in the head, in january 2013. This compilation is a tribute to FPS russia made by a Fan, Kyle Myers continues videos with even larger weapons.

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