A car hits a cyclist (Russia)

Last Saturday in Seversk, Russia, a motorist hit a cyclist wanting to leave a traffic lane. A strange accident since the car broke the bike man by cutting him off the road while the driver had a perfectly clear view. The cyclist being on the right lane, maybe the driver thought he was going to […]

The world map in MIDI partition

The world music Card in a MIDI score. The Notes form all continents of the world and composed a pleasant music at the time of the reading ... Spoiler: The Russian anthem is triggered when the flag arrives at the largest country in the world.

Woman VS Car Horn (Kiev)

A motorist honks a woman walking on the road. The scene took place in Kiev, Ukraine. A woman walked on the road and bothered a motorist. The driver warns him of his presence by honking. But the woman got scared and dropped into a puddle on the road.

Russian schoolgirls plays Ninja Warrior !

Three children in Ninja Warrior mode to go to school. The scene happened on 12 April 2017 in Omsk in Russia. To avoid getting your feet wet, three schoolgirls have climbed a fence and went over a giant puddle on the sidewalk.

The Russian way to ends campfire !

Here are the Russian method to put out a campfire. An Ilyushin Il-76 water bomber aircraft dumped more than 42 000 liters of water on a fire camp and two people (including one who films). The scene took place on the military base of Seshcha West of the Russia. It was an exercise to test […]

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