An army of robots in a STO Express hub

An army of robots working 7/7, 24/24 in a sorting centre of the transport company STO Express in Tianjin, China. Small Orange carts automatically identify each package through a QR Code and deposit it in the specified location, thus ensuring daily sorting of 200 000 deliveries through a huge warehouse. A ceaseless Broom of robots […]

Robot vs Captcha

A robotic with the Googly eyes arm faces a Captcha "I'm not a robot" on a laptop computer. It uses a TouchPad pen on the touch pad on the computer to try to check the box that allows you to assert that he is not a robot. Will he manage to cheat the vigilance of […]

Reactions of monkeys to an electronic monkey

In this excerpt from the first episode of the animated documentary "Spy in the Wild" aired on the British channel BBC, a group of monkeys "Semnopithecus", also called langurs, tries to interact with a baby monkey spy automaton. Unfortunately, by wanting to mother the robotic doll, one of the monkeys makes it fall from a […]

Popping on the song "Redbone"

Dancers perform the Chuck E. Cheese Challenge. A challenge to imitate the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese. The dancers Brandon "Bam" Morales, Marquese "Nonstop" Scott and Julius "IGlide" Chisholm playback and popping (robot dance) on the song "Redbone" of Childish Gambino, giving the impression that he s' Acts of a group of automata.

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