Effective robbery in a Store

Friday, November 11, 2016 around 3 am, a group of criminals broke into a van in front of a clothing store in Botucatu, Brazil. Very well organized, the thieves put down blankets on the floor of the store to drop the various items before quickly flying. In total, the full flight of the store eventually […]

A 84 year old man stops a thief !

In Apumanque mall in Las Conde in Chile, a 84 year old man arrested a jewel thief making him tripped. Raul Munoz was walking with his wife in the mall when he saw a thief flee. The man did not hesitate to put his leg across to stop it. "I heard the alarms ringing and […]

The Weeknd « False Alarm » (Clip)

POV filmed and directed by Ilya Naishuller, this video takes us, like a video game, in the skin of a in action bank robber who with his team takes flight during violent clashes with police. The song "False Alarm" is from the album "Starboy", whose release is scheduled for November 25, the singer, composer and […]

Robbers locked in a store

In the city of Paterson in the state of New Jersey, two robbers found themselves locked in the store they came to loot. This greatly amused passersby who saw the scene from the sidewalk. That happened Wednesday, August 17, 2016 in a Boost Mobile Store. The employee took advantage of a moment of inattention to […]

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