A man tries to steal a bike hooked to a car (London)

A cyclist tries to steal a road bike hooked at the back of a car. The scene took place in central London on Sunday, May 14, 2017. A cyclist took advantage of the traffic to try to steal a Mekk Primo brand carbon racing bike with a value of 3000 EUR. Every time the car […]

A passerby shoots the robbery of a jewelry store in Paris

The robbery of a luxury jewelry store in Paris filmed by a passerby. Tuesday 9 May 2017 around 11 am Street in the Champs-Elysées district in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, two armed men robbed a luxury watchmaking. On the video filmed by a passerby, you can see one of the robbers out of the […]

A cashier stays calm in front of a robber (Kansas City)

The employee of a very quiet fast food in front of a robber who points a gun at him. Wednesday, April 26, 2017 after 9 pm, a man entered a Jimmy John's Sandwich shop in the city of Kansas City to order a sandwich. But at the time of payment, the customer pulled a revolver […]

Dumbass steals a cellphone

On March 31, a man has committed a robbery in the snatch by taking the phone to a woman who was walking in a street in Shenzhen, China. The thief is then run, but it is not headed in the right direction... SPOILER: Pursued by his victim, the thief ran into the courtyard of a... […]

Workers vs. thief (Texas)

Dallas in Texas, the surveillance of a particular camera filmed a chase between a thief and workers. A man in a red car stopped next to a construction site to steal a screwdriver, but he got caught red-handed by 4 workers who engaged in pursuit. One of them managed to climb on the hood of […]

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