Plot twist during a road rage

You got to love road rage, everybody loves it. This one has all to be cool. It's in Russia and there is a big plot twist. On May 7, 2014 on a one-way route in Russia, a taxi arrives in the opposite and seems to talk to the driver of an Audi. The driver of […]

Road rage : come back !

This guy don't want to loose his time to paid à fine, this guy don't have the time for the police, this guy is a BAD*SS ! In this video you see a BMW with a wheel clamp, she start, and run away... Maybe some reparations might be necessary...

Road rage with shovel and knife

The December 29, 2013 in the region of Sosnovskoye (Russia), a driver driving a Toyota Camry (grey car) wants to fight against the driver of the MPV (black car). The Toyota driver tries first to block the MPV but it is a fail. The second try is a success, the white car sends the MPV […]

Is that all ?

I don't know if it's fake or not but it's fun 🙂 Take two douchebags, one road rage and one cellphone and you get this cool video.

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