The advantage to drive a Jeep

In a parking lot, the driver of a Jeep waiting patiently for a car parte to take his place. But just to park a red car will steal her parking space. The driver of the Jeep is not going to let it go and use the winch to remove the red car and recover its […]

Road Rage in Montreal

Thursday, October 6, 2016 on Prince Arthur Street in Montreal, cyclist filmed a road rage between two drivers. A man got out of his vehicle to attack with a hammer a driver at the wheel of his car. The driver screaming for help, the man returned to his car with his children, who were waiting. […]

Road rage with a bus

There's an important rule to know when you drive a car, when the car is bigger, let the guy pass ! So when it's a bus or truck double let him pass. This driver clearly ignore this rule and his car won't forget him this mistake 😉

Road Rage and KO... in Russia :)

On Monday, July 4th, 2016, three young men driving aboard a Lada VAZ-2106 were running very fast in the streets of Tioumen, in Russia. At the exit of a traffic circle, the car almost knocked down people who crossed on a crosswalk. Road Rage then burst between the driver of the Lada and one of […]

Road Rage Biker VS Driver

In Australia, a man rides with his bicycle on a street and lack of being hit by a Toyota SUV driving in the middle of the road at the entrance to a roundabout. The driver decided to stop a bit further and, enraged, he stops the cyclist brandishing a knife. The cyclist immediately leaves his […]

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