Road rage in Amsterdam

A French driver struck a scooter and refuses to make a statement. Tuesday, February 14, 2017 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, a scooter has been hit by a French motorist (registered in the 59). The man tried to stop the driver to make a statement, but the driver attempted to flee by dragging the man […]

Road rage between a BMW and a Mini Cooper

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 on a road near Yangzhou, China, the driver of a BMW did not appreciate that a Mini Cooper did not let him pass to get on a lane. A little later, he returned to the height of the Mini, led by a pregnant woman of 5 months, and avenged himself by […]

Road rage and Instant karma for a bad driver

While driving in a street in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, a motorist was cut off by a car and expressed his discontent by honking several times. The driver then stopped by the roadside, then he got out of his car and seized a golf club in the back of the vehicle, obviously ready to fight […]

He breaks the windshield of a BMW i8 with a bat

In New York, the yachtman Coby Persin immobilized his BMW i8 car in the middle of the traffic to do a photo shoot. Installed on the hood of his car with a friend, he posed in front of the embarrassing camera the motorists who showed their discontent by honking. A motorist stuck behind the BMW […]

Brawl and bumper on a parking lot

In the parking lot of a city in the United States, two women fight but the fight will quickly degenerate partly from bumper. After fighting on the floor of the car park, the two women are going to get into their car (a Rav4 and a BMW) and will have fun to turn in in […]

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