Electrocuted goose

A motorist films a grilled goose falling from the sky. On May 7, 2017 while driving on the Apple Avenue in the town of Muskegn in Michigan, a motorist was surprised to see a goose fall from the sky right in front of him. The poor bird got electrocuted by the power lines. The man […]

Beware of clouds of smoke on the road

A motorist is surprised by a cloud of smoke on the road. On January 8, 2017 in the Kirov region of Russia, a motorist driving a Ford Kuga was not cautious on seeing a cloud of smoke on the road and entered a Nissan car at a standstill. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Get in your car when the ground is icy

During the Christmas period in a residential neighborhood in Canada, a father helps his daughter Suzanne get into his car parked on an icy road in the family home. While she keeps slipping, Suzanne clings to her daddy as best he can to climb in his car after much effort. A perilous situation that made […]

The importance of a good load distribution on a trailer

This experiment, conducted by the American Society of rental trucks, trailers and containers U-Haul, shows us the importance of having a good load distribution on a trailer. A mini Ford Mustang GT driving with a trailer on a treadmill. When the weight is properly distributed, in this case with a slightly higher load on the […]

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