A cat gets revenge after being honked

A cat has settled on the hood of a car. The owner of the vehicle tries to make it go away by activating the wiper. But the cat doesn't move, so he honks. Finally the cat rises, to water the windshield of pee. Revenge!

Harassed by a driver, a cyclist takes revenge

A cyclist takes revenge after she was harassed by the driver of a van. The scene filmed by a biker took on A5204 Street in London. The driver of a van approached a woman on a bike who waited at a red light. He began by asking his phone number which doesn't like the woman […]

Revenge of a woman

Ouch ! This car of the brand BMW was very beautiful, but the cheating wife of this proprietor don't want to leave without let a little souvenir. I think this is the parking of his job and the people look like workers. This is why we say that : NEVER CHEATING YOUR WIFE IF YOU […]

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