4 girls vs 1 rat !

Four girls make out a rat of a House. Armed with brooms, all refugees in height (throne, bucket, or stool), they try to get out this home intruder. The rat took refuge in the bathroom, one of the girls comes to dislodge it. The panic rat goes down the stairs and trying to enter a […]

Surprise during toilet flush

Ross Kirwan, an Australian, had a surprise flushing the toilet. A rat appeared in the bottom of the bowl! Obviously a little shaken, the rodent resumed his wits after a few seconds then he left the toilet by jumping. How it is possible ? The rat is able to go up the pipeline of the […]

Rats in the Sequedin prison (France)

In the Sequedin prison (North), an inmate has filmed hundreds of rats walking in the yard. The man testified on France Bleu, he said, there would be at least 500 rats, whose corpses that emit a foul odor of decomposing carcass. His cell is on the ground floor, he dares not open his window afraid […]

Brushing a baby rat

This video is so cute, look this baby rat being brushed and how he likes it. He starts to close his eyes and enjoy the brush on his back you can tell it from one kilometer 🙂 Ok, now I said that I have nothing to add so you can stop reading and watch this […]

A baby rat eating spaghettis

This is so cute, a baby rat is eating some spaghettis sitting on the lap of his owner. After all, the hate in the two previous posts this is definitely a cute Sunday here. And sorry, we have no WTF Sunday this time, I hope we'll get one the next Sunday. I'm wondering if he […]

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