Fill the house of plastic balls

Roman Atwood is well known for his pranks but this one is by far its better. He takes advantage of his girlfriend leaving the house to fill it with a tons of plastic balls. The kind of plastic balls you can find in the children games. He even add a big trampoline in the middle […]

Santa Claus prank

In this time of Christmas, the team DmPranksProductions has made many videos sequence with the Santa Claus: bank robbery, dynamite, murder. Enjoy my friends 🙂 The channel:

Gandalf stops a car

Nice prank of Gandalf on a combine harvester stops an innocent car with his famous sentence “You Shall not Pass !!”, next, many characters of the Lord of the Rings play the famous scene of the bridge of Khazad Dum. Directed by Zwykły człowiek (Poland)

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