Pranks gone bad

We all love these type of jokes but we don't really see how much they can risk when they do that. Personally, I never asked to these youtube channel, they do that very well alone because they harvest a lot of views with this kind of videos. Unfortunately sometimes one of the prankster, can take […]

Stealing stuff with hot girl

This prank is really well thank, one guy asks to another to watch something for him and he leaves. During this time a hot girl drop some paper on the ground and the watcher immediately starts to watch the girl instead of the stuff. Result, the stuff is stolen and nobody seen it ! Great […]

Shampoo strangers prank

This prank is not really original but this is so fun and harmless that everybody should approve, even the victims. This is pretty simple, some guys are putting shampoo again and again and again on someone taking a beach shower. Look, the black guy, he is totally going mad ! I laughed so much watching […]

Aladdin magic carpet

After, this video here is this one. This is pretty well done and for the ones not use to longboard the sensation of magic carpet floating in the air is so much realistic. Look how the people are amazed by this simple trick. I got to say the costume is nice too and the man […]

Treat or trick ? Or something strange ?

This guy played good for Halloween, this idea is really strange and destabilise a lot of these young monsters ! He decided to offer some strange objects for the brave childrens who rang on his door, like toothbrush ? Or vegetables ? The most hilarious things in that video is the reaction of the children […]

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