Prank With Chucky

A daddy makes a joke to his daughter, he makes believe he is a victim of killer doll Chucky. Lying down to the ground with his false blood on his head he holds the doll standing then he will call his daughter with hits on the wall with his fist. When she sees the scene, […]

Hello, this is a pan in your face !

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the funniest and this a a good example. Take one pan, you hang it to the wall behind a door. You adjust it to be sure the pan is the same height that guy's face you want to prank. Put a stick to hold the pan and wait with a […]

Electric bike

After this horrible joke TwinTV channel comes back with a more sadistic idea ! They decided to put an ingenious electric system on a bike who works with a remote, and they leave the bike without chains in a parc. Obviously a few guys tried to steal it, and when they are on the bike […]

Eating loud in the library

The guys from JStuStudios made a new video and this is really funny. They eat all soft of things in the library, but not all sort, they only eat what makes the much noise. The reaction of people in libraries are so various. Sometimes, they laugh, sometimes they are pissed off but it's always hilarious. […]

Jedi prank

This guy is amazing for tricks and prank, his name is Rahat and his youtube channel is here. If you want to laugh or be touched watch his channel you'll gonna be surprised. In this video especially, he plays the Jedi who wants to buy a hot-dog. All of his effects are very simple but […]

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