Prank fail

A child tries to scare his father into hiding in a dumpster. Shiloh wanted to make a joke to his father by hiding in the trash but everything is not unfolded as planned spoiler: the child then patiently waits for his father to come to get rid of garbage bags, but he had a little […]

Grandma makes the bottle prank !

After seeing the "magic tour" with a bottle of water on Facebook, a joke that is to place a piece under a water bottle by claiming to be able to make it fit in the bottle hidden under a towel, the aim being to throw water at the face of the trapped person, Marietta Spencer […]

No driving without ice-cream :)

Friday, July 29, 2016, when it was very hot in Halifax, in the state of Virginia, policemen Lands Kevin and Brian Warner stopped a motorist for not respecting the code Without knowledge of this Regulation, the young woman is being told what this code is. Indeed, the code states that it is prohibited […]

Behind you prank

The two youtubers from the channel The Royal Stamped are very well know for this kind of prank I used to call "Behind you prank". They fake they're telling something gross to someone and finally they're speaking to someone else behind them. They like to use a lot of accessories and most of the time […]

Train horn prank gone wrong

In the United States, Robby and Elliot, a duo from YouTube channel Dynamic Duo TV, enjoyed frightening the passers-by by giving toots of train horn driving a Nissan pick-up. But during their passage to the drive-in movie theater of a fast food Taco Bell, both friends are caught up by the karma. Hardly amused by […]

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