A pool champion plays in virtual reality

With a virtual reality mask HTC Vive on the head professional snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan is trying to play billiards. But the man fell to the ground in wanting to build on the virtual pool table. Fail ! The video is an excerpt from the show "RONNIE O'SULLIVAN'S AMERICAN HUSTLE" which airs on the History […]

Jumping into a pool from the roof of a hotel

Remember this guy jumping from a cliff and nearly escaping death ? He did it again ! A week after almost died jumping from a cliff, he is back at it, this time from a terrace on the roof of a hotel in Laguna Beach, California, to land in the water of a pool. Again, […]

Swimming pool full of orbeez

If you ever wondered what's the result of a entire pool full of this small water balls called orbeez then you have your answer in this video. And by the way, you got pretty weird ideas 🙂 This guy explains a lot of thing about this water balls so it's not only splash in the […]

Elephants drinking in a pool

In the Mabalingwe Reserve in South Africa, thirsty elephants drink water from an outside pool. Tenants on vacation in the house were wondering why the pool water fell. They now have the answer. With high temperatures in the region, water supplies are dry, then the elephants used swimming pools and help their long trunk to […]

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