8Booth finally fails...

The madman who makes extreme jumps in swimming pools has failed. 8Booth youtube, known for extreme jumps in the water, wanted to jump from the roof of the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach, California, but missed his reception. His feet touched the edge of the pool. He does not indicate his health, but in […]

Invasion of birds in his garden

Hundreds of birds invade his garden. In the United States, migratory birds have taken advantage of the pool in a garden to make a stop. The man filming the scene from his house tried to open the window. But the noise frightened the birds and they all flew away at the same time. Some went […]

A crocodile attacks tourists in a pool !

Thursday, October 27, 2016 during an evening swim, a tourist couple was attacked by a crocodile which was introduced in the pool of a private residence in Kariba, Zimbabwe. The man quickly out of the water while her companion tried to push the reptile before leaving the pool to turn. The latter suffers from several […]

Jumping into a pool Fail

One evening, a girl had the bad idea to jump into the pool from a balcony. She will do a front flip but landed too close and break the jaw on the edge of the pool.

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