Cross a swimming pool on a wooden strip

At Port Macquarie in Australia, a carpenter promised $100 to his apprentice if he managed to cross the pool on a wooden strip. The man has risen to the challenge, but without success. At half the route, the strip has rotated to lose the balance. He fell, took the strip between his legs. The wood […]

Magical shot in snooker

Yesterday, English Professional snooker player Shaun Murphy, world number 5, has managed an amazing shot during his match against Ronnie O'Sullivan for the 2nd round of the World Championship of snooker that is currently taking place in the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England. The cue ball went to hit a strip and then another before […]

Weird interview with a Japanese pool player

Last night, the Japanese billiards player Naoyuki Oi strangely responded to an interview in English after his victory to reach the 1/4 finals of the tournament World Pool Masters 24 of Gibraltar, Spain. Obviously not understanding the questions of the journalist Tony Wrighton, he gave some risky answers by giving his name and revealing his […]

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