A motorist proves to police officers that it is sober in juggling

New sobriety test. A motorist stopped by police proves that he is not drunk by performing a few juggling. The scene happened Friday, March 3, 2017 in the evening near the University of Central Arkansas in Conway city. Police officers on patrol noticed a suspicious vehicle that was advancing slowly. They thought that the driver […]

The Vietnamese police climbing a building with a pole

During an exercise involving hostages, men of a special unit of the Vietnamese police use a long pole to allow some of them to access the floors of a building from the outside. Two policemen push pole perpendicular to the building while a third, placed at the other end of the pole, uses the thrust […]

A man attacks police officers with a hammer

A man armed with a hammer attacks two policemen. On 7 January 2016 in the town of Crawley in England, police officers intervened in a residence on Stagelands Street after an anonymous call. They came across a 34-year-old man armed with a hammer. The man refusing to obey, a policeman tried to taser him, without […]

A motorist is sentenced to life imprisonment

Arrested for speeding, a motorist is sentenced in perpetuity. In Scott County, Missouri, a motorist was arrested by a police officer for speeding. But the driver had a regrettable gesture in front of his girlfriend who will be worth a sentence to him in perpetuity. SPOILER: Austin made her marriage request to Samantha after 7 […]

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