Fail in car with police

A motorist rush double a queue of cars. Saturday, April 1, 2017 on a country road in Poland, a motorist began to overtake several cars which were not rolling enough quickly. No luck, the car in front which slowed everyone was a police car which turned left at the same time. The driver had no […]

A police officer checks the passenger instead of the driver

During a control of alcohol in Estonia, a policewoman does not saw that the steering wheel was on the right and has tested the passenger instead of the driver. As in France, Estonia cars drive on the right and the steering wheel is on the left. Mechanically, the police approached the person left thinking he […]

The police of Dubai troll drivers

When Dubai police fun troller motorists. E311 Highway at the exit of Dubai, police (Ras Al Khaimah Police) has installed a sign cardboard in the shape of a police car on the side of the road to convince motorists to a radar control. They even added a beacon flashing so that the illusion is perfect.

What do you wear? (Tracey Ullman's Show)

If victims of theft were treated as victims of rape. A man went to a police station to file a complaint, because he had stolen his phone and his watch. But the police who take his deposition will strange and absurd questions. The woman will blame him for a provocative outfit, have not been clear […]

A very patient policeman with two stray dogs

The policeman David Gomez is involved in a residential area of Meridian, Idaho State, to collect two stray dogs. Having attended a training of defense against potentially dangerous stray dogs, it implements a few techniques learned during this course. It is with a lot of peace that the policeman is for the dogs, asking them […]

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