A pikachu kidnapped by men in black

Kidnapping alert! A man in a Pikachu costume kidnapped by men in the middle of a concert. The strange scene happened at the end of April during the Pokemon Dance festival Pikachu (포켓몬 월드페스티벌 2017) in Songdo in South Korea. A Pikachu costume started to deflate, a man with a white top broke into the […]

A bus driver playing Pokémon GO

Housed driving the vehicle, a bus driver playing video game Pokémon GO driving. The man placed his smartphone at the counter, which allows him to play while trying to keep an eye on the road. Irresponsible behavior filmed by a passenger in Osaka, Japan.

Pokemon Go player assaulted !

On the night of Sunday, September 18, 2016, the streamer Rickeybot went to Central Park in New York for streaming to its subscribers on Twitch some Pokemon GO shit. But a man coming from behind severely beaten him in the face and stripped him of his equipment. The stream is not cut, the thief filmed […]

Pokemon Go madness in Taiwan

Saturday, August 20, 2016 in Taipei (Taiwan capital), the appearance of a Snorlax Pokemon caused a major stampede through the streets of the city. The scene was near the Beitou Park. Pokémon players invaded the road running through the cars to catch the rare pokemon before it disappears.

Pokemon GO vs Daft Punk

And another Pokemon Go video cause this is all we have since this game is launched. I'm just kidding but there's a ton of Pokemon Go videos these days...

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