Fast toilet paper rolls out in a plane

A guy amuses himself to try an experience in the toilet of a plane. He rolls out a little a toilet paper in the toilet bowl and pulls the toilet flush. Very quickly, the roller empties itself because the suction is very powerful. Be careful to don't put the hand or other thing in the […]

Snowboarder towed by a plane

For those in a hurry skip to 3:15. How lame is that, you know how much I hate snowboarder but this one is a special one... NO, just kidding, this one is like all snowboarders a douchebag 🙂 Why does he take a fucking plane to towed him ? WHY ? Is there any sense […]

Is there a pilot in the plane ?

A captain got locked out of the cockpit of the plane he was flying 🙂 Somebody filmed him explaining to the passengers why he is here and not in the cockpit. This incident took place 15 minutes before the landing of the Delta Flight 1651 from Minneapolis going to Las Vegas with 168 people on […]

Cyanide and Happiness

The youtube channel "ExplosmEntertainment" is very good, you can see the cartoons "Cyanide and Happiness" is always fun with good idea. That remembers me, Asdaf from Tom Ska, another cartoon with the same idiot humor. 😀

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