Crashing an airplane on a road in town

Yesterday afternoon, a light aircraft Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six crashed on a road in Mukilteo, Washington state. His pilot, a man from Oregon, had just debonded from Paine Field Airport when his aircraft broke down. He tried to restart the engine up to about 150 meters from the ground before resolving to make an emergency […]

A passenger forced to go out of a United airplane

A passenger train of strength out of an overbooked United Airlines airplane. The scene happened at the Chicago airport on the flight 3411 of United Airlines in the direction of Louisville. The plane was overbooked (overloaded) and the company needed 4 places for its employees. The company has offered money ($ 400 and $ 800) […]

The Russian way to ends campfire !

Here are the Russian method to put out a campfire. An Ilyushin Il-76 water bomber aircraft dumped more than 42 000 liters of water on a fire camp and two people (including one who films). The scene took place on the military base of Seshcha West of the Russia. It was an exercise to test […]

He piloted an aircraft with no experience

In the United States, a man presented in an aerodrome with his small airplane he built himself. He asked to park it, but instead, he offered a little tour! The man had never taken a flying lesson. Fortunately, everything ended well for him, he managed to land in a rather unorthodox way, but without incident. […]

Landing of a plane with through wind (pilot view)

A Boeing 737 pilot film for a crosswind landing. Artur, a Polish pilot at Ryanair, asked a camera in the cockpit for filming during a landing in crosswinds. And we can see that it will not skimp with the handle! In a message on Facebook, he says he earned his pilot salary that day.

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