Une animation sympa et émouvante

Et pour continuer la journée en douceur avant le barbecue de ce soir on part sur une petite animation des familles qui fait bien plaisir à voir. Il s'agit d'une femme qui s'apprête à manger une pizza quand elle reçoit un colis avec un mystérieux disque. Vous allez voir que ce disque va lui réserver […]

Two children rotate pizza dough

Two children enjoy spinning pizza dough. In the Carmine's Pizza Factory pizzeria in Jersey City, New Jersey, Michael (10) and Nicholas (12) testa have fun spinning pizza dough and tossing it into the air. The two children even arrive from the passes. With more than 20 million views on Facebook, the two boys have become […]

Impressive Pizzaiolo

In the pizzeria "Da Serafino" a Campione in Italia, the pizzaiolo Giuseppe Lapolla makes unbelievable acrobatics with a pizza dough. He can make it turn with his hands and he sends the dough all around him with a big dexterity. Don't worry the pizza dough is not used for eat, but only for the show […]

Rat with a pizza in a subway

In the New York subway, a rat was filmed with a piece of pizza trying to take back home. However the animal seems disturbed by the guy. The rat prefers droping the pizza and hides itself from the cameraman waiting for him to go away. What a clever rat ! 🙂

A man gives pizza to the Pope

Saturday, March 21, 2015, during the visit of the Pope Francis at Naples, the pizzaïolo Vincenzo Cacialli of the restaurant "Don Ernesto" insisted to give a pizza to the pope. With his colleague Antonio Greco, they wait the popemobile to come near the vehicle. The operation was a success. The Pope took the special pizza […]

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