A cat gets revenge after being honked

A cat has settled on the hood of a car. The owner of the vehicle tries to make it go away by activating the wiper. But the cat doesn't move, so he honks. Finally the cat rises, to water the windshield of pee. Revenge!

When you want to go to the toilets by car...

The passenger of a car would like to take a break pee but his friends do not agree because they are afraid of being late. A girl offers him a solution, make in a plastic bottle. The man hesitates but his friends insist then he accepts. This is a skit from the series Your Bad […]

Piss For Your Boss

In Kuwait, a man had some suspicions on his servants. He hides a camera in the kitchen to film them without their knowledge. On video, he discovered with horror that the maids had poured urine into his orange juice. Yuck! In the video, we can see a woman lift her dress to put a glass […]

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