Un pet au ventilateur pour sa copine

Et pour finir cette journée dans la poésie, je te propose une technique infaillible pour diffuser ton pet à grande vitesse dans une pièce. Il suffit de lâcher ton prout juste devant un ventilateur. C'est ce que fait ce mec alors que le ventilo pointe sur sa copine qui est dans son lit et vu […]

A pet kangaroo

The actor Jackson O'Doherty, living in Sydney, Australia, presents his best friend, kangaroo Damien. Together, they share activities like the swing, run in a park or on the beach, go to a store, make sand castles or work on a construction site. A nice complicity between man and the adorable marsupial.


/!\ ATTENTION THIS IS REALLY CUTE YOU CAN DIE OF CUTENESS OVERLOAD /!\ A kitten is lonely in his paddock pet at the Jolinn Pet House of New Taipei City, Taiwan. He decided to jump on the glass of the enclosure to bypass the partition wall for join his friend, a cute little puppy placed […]

The Life Of Stella

Masters of Stella have compiled a few videos to show us what was the life of their dog. And what a beautiful life ! Jump in a pile of leaves, playing with the door stop, play with water, run in the garden and in snow and especially sleeping. We can say that, this Labrador doesn't […]

Mini Foal !

/!\ Attention hardcore cuteness /!\ In an enclosure, Sammy, a miniature foal of 3 days likes to run after a man under the watchful eye of his mother Grace. The miniature horse is a type of horse whose size is between 86 and 97 cm. They are smaller than the ponies, but retain the morphological […]

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