MTB Trial in an apartment a day after party

In Chambéry, the rider french Léo Nobile made the mountain bike Trial through an apartment a day after party. After entering through a window, the rider must pass over drunk people lying on the ground among the empty bottles while a few diehard partiers continue to dance.

Tequila Suicide Fail

During a party, a man realizes Tequila Suicide on the body of a woman. He begins by drinking the tequila shot on his stomach, then he licks the salt between his breasts, but he will fail to do the last part: eat the lemon in his mouth. SPOILER: Instead of eating the lemon, the man […]

Jumping into a pool Fail

One evening, a girl had the bad idea to jump into the pool from a balcony. She will do a front flip but landed too close and break the jaw on the edge of the pool.

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