Remix of "The Lion King"

Alex Ramirès and Max Bird comedians had time to reproduce the opening sequence of the feature film animation 'The Lion King'. Using various accessories daily and a few touches of makeup, they replay so the famous scene of this classic of the Disney studios.

Parody of the BBC interview woman version

A woman is interrupted by her children and her husband during an interview with the BBC. This is a new parody of the Interview to the BBC, but this time the roles are reversed, this is a woman who is videobombee by his children. But unlike the original, the woman won't need anyone's help to […]

Mr Bean : Ultra violent version !

John Loberger, used a scary music and images of the films 'Bean' and 'Fight Club' to make a fake trailer of "Mean Bean", a film in which Mr Bean would be a dangerous psychopath.

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