How to get rid of old paper like a champ ?

In Germany, a young man decides to get rid of a pile of paper burning in his garden... SPOILER : At the time of setting fire to the papers, the heap violently explodes, scattering pieces of burning paper in the garden. It seems that the young man has put a bit of gasoline on the […]

Paper toss winner !

Friday, September 2, 2016 in an amphitheater of Ohio State University, in the US, a student named Vinny Forte scored a magnificent throw paper ball. From the mezzanine of the amphitheater, Vinny has launched a ball of paper that crossed the room before landing in the bin located on the other side of the room. […]

Cutting wood with paper

A carpenter replaced the blade steel from its table saw by a sheet of paper. He then began by cutting a sheet of paper with success, and he cut a cardstock and finally a piece of wood. Wood broke the sheet, but it will have still managed to cut a part. So yes, it is […]

V6 In Paper !

The youtuber Al Zh realized V6 engine with paper which operates with compressed air. The V6 engine has 6 paper pistons really realistic. He will start the engine by injecting compressed air by means of a balloon. And the noise is bluffing, you will hear the typical noise of these engines, this guy has gold […]

A great Power

This French short film is... Really cool ! In this video you see a guy in his office and he is this type : " the funny guy " and obviously he is not really funny, with his old jokes... But he finds a strange box with a bubble wrap. When he explodes a bubble […]

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