Cover this wall please

If you want someone to give your wall some doodle here is the girl you need. This video is a timelaps of bobsmade artist who painted the front wall of a house. She takes 3 days to do it but the result is awesome. I would love to have a wall painted like this in […]

3D painting : a spider

German artist Stefan Pabst carries an anamorphic illusion by painting a big tarantula in 3D on a sheet of paper. Faced with this painting, his children are very careful before approaching the beast.

A BMW X6 car hides a secret painting

The German graffiti artist Rene Turrek covered a BMW X6 car with a heat-sensitive paint which reveals a beautiful picture of Hulk. When the guy throws hot water the blue car, the head of Hulk appears on the hood. This car is part of the project XCLUSIVCARS which has the objective to transform the cars […]

A frightening painting

This animated painting is creepy, it show us a beautiful woman with a flowers bouquet and a lovely dress. But the beauty of this painting changes occasionally into a horrible skeletal woman as the time decomposed the beauty of the woman. The video must to be watched until the end for a surprise.

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