Bad idea of the day #explosion

Bad idea of the day one owes it to a Polish of 35 years who wanted to repaint his garage quickly. On Tuesday 28 March 2017 in Bogatynia, Poland, a man did not want to waste time repainting the walls of his garage with a paintbrush. So he got the idea to do like Mr. […]

A painting comes to life

In a museum, the character of a painting comes to life thanks to the talent of Zach King. The character of a painting fell in love. He leaves his painting to offer flowers to the Young Girl with the pearl, realized by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.


This interesting project called "Colors" is paints mixed with oil, bleach, thinner and golden ink, all filmed in macro in 4K resolution. The result is clearly beautiful.


The Turkish artist Garip Ay reproduced two famous paintings of the famous Vincent Van Gogh. "Starry Night" (June 1889) and "Portrait of the Artist" (1889), on the surface of a container filled with water mixed with black ink. Using different brushes, Garip Ay drops the paint to the surface of the dark liquid and reproduced […]

John Is Pissed Off

A house painter travel installed at the back because the others painters don't have enough place in the front of the van. When they arrive at destination they hear the man knocking on the vehicle to go out, and when his colleagues open the doors of the vehicle what a surprise... The man is seated, […]

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