The world map in MIDI partition

The world music Card in a MIDI score. The Notes form all continents of the world and composed a pleasant music at the time of the reading ... Spoiler: The Russian anthem is triggered when the flag arrives at the largest country in the world.

Ko-Tone spiral xylophone

A wooden ball on a spiral xylophone plays the chorale of Bach Cantata No. 147. This work of art was performed by the Japanese of Invisible design labs. It was exhibited at the Milan Triennial museum in 2016.

A moment of disappointment (DJ Troll)

When the DJs Mashd N Kutcher fun to troll their audience. During their concerts, the duo of DJs Australian Mashd N Kutcher fun doing regularly the false drops to troll their audience. They realized a small compilation what they have called "1 MINUTE OF TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT" (a minute of total disappointment).

Cover of 'The Man Who Sold The World' with a gayageum

Luna Lee is a Korean musician resumed at the gayageum of 'The Man Who Sold The World' a song of David Bowie, covered also by Nirvana during the MTV Unplugged in New York. The gayageum is a traditional musical instrument of the family from the zithers Korea, with up to 25 strings in silk or […]

Rage Against The Machine with instruments for children

The french Group The Wackids specializes in covers of songs rock, rap, new wave, or funk playing with instruments of music for children. At the foot of an abandoned factory, the three musicians perform a cover of the song "Killing In The Name" of the American band Rage Against The Machine, with an otamatone, a […]

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