MTB vs Bear !

A brown bear loads a biker in the middle of a descent. In the forest of Malinô Brdo in Slovakia, two men raided a mountain bike when they crossed a bear. The animal carried out a bullying charge on the first biker and fortunately dropped the case quickly not worrying about the second man who […]

Call 911 !!!

A child trying to get down a staircase to ATV. But everything will not happen as planned. Seeing the child lose control of the situation, a woman's going to shout "Call 911!". Finally, the child ended up in turning against a wall along the stairs. The video has been parodied and remixed with music The […]

MTB Trial in an apartment a day after party

In Chambéry, the rider french Léo Nobile made the mountain bike Trial through an apartment a day after party. After entering through a window, the rider must pass over drunk people lying on the ground among the empty bottles while a few diehard partiers continue to dance.

A MTB stuck in an electric fence

In the United Kingdom, cyclists face a big problem: one of them wanted to ride his bike over a fence, but when he realized that it was electrified he Dropped his bike that was then stuck on the fence. In the middle of an extremely humid environment, the group of friends does not know how […]

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