The lizards of the lost ark

If you're sensitive about the animals, or if you are in the PETA, PLEASE don't watch the video, and please don't pursue me in justice ! I am not the author of this video, I am only this guy who watch and laughing and sharing...

Pulp fiction with a young goat

During the famous scene of the movie Pulp fiction when Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) questions Brett (Frank Whaley) and recites his favourite text of the Holy Bible. Brett does not stop to say "What ?" except that in this video this is a young goat instead of the actor Frank Whaley.

Does Frodo like to jizz ?

I love the lord of the rings and this parody made by Staggy G It's a very different point of view about Frodo, savior of the middle earth ! And you'll see how the video editing is important, Frodo will fall 38 times, cries only 4 times, and especially JIZZ 12 times, very impressive for […]

Jurassic or not ?

I don't have any ideas to describe this video... WTF ? Humor ? I think Darren Wallace who created the parody, takes a lot of drugs, a looooooot.

Parody of Interstellar

Chandler Perry loves parodies and this one is successful, imitation of Matthew Mcconaughey is hilarious! If you have not seen the movie watch out, it's a spoiler.

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