Hugh Jackman in full dubbing of the movie "Logan"

Hugh Jackman is in a recording studio for the dubbing of a scene from the movie of superhero "Logan". Faced with a screen that broadcasts the passage in question, the Australian actor is thoroughly in his character, Wolverine, and seems to relive the whole fight scene, with its share of screams, grunts and claws. As […]

Jane Zhang sings The Fifth Element song

The Chinese singer Jane Zhang, also known as Zhang Liangying, made a remarkable interpretation of the opera diva they trust, famous scene from the movie "The Fifth Element" directed by Luc Besson. At 32, she became one of the best-known singers in China. It is nicknamed "The Dolphin Princess" with his singing technique.

Universal forgets the sound effects in the trailer of the Mummy

Universal has released an IMAX version of the trailer for The Mummy, but has forgotten some of the sound effects (music, explosion ...). Suddenly we hear shouts and groans. It's very weird, but funny at the same time. Universal made a musicless version of his trailer unintentionally. As for the film, it tells the story […]

Ghost in The Shell (Trailer)

Paramount has unveiled the first trailer of Ghost in the Shell with Scarlett Johansson. The film is an adaptation of the futuristic manga Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow released in the late 1980s. The theatrical release is scheduled for March 29, 2017 in France. Scarlett Johansson will play the role of Major (Motoko […]

Hoshino, a Star Wars fan film

Hoshino is a fanfilm Star Wars tells the story of Ko Hoshino, a blind Jedi. Hoshino was directed by Stephen Vitale. The Jedi woman is played by Anna Akana, YouTuber, actress and director. Remember to activate subtitles in French.

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