For a few dollars more theme song

In a barber shop, an old man makes the reprise to the guitar of the music of the film for a few Dollars more written by Ennio Morricone. The man uses his instrument but also his mouth to make the sound of other instruments.

If Will Smith played the role of Neo in Matrix

Will Smith had refused to play the role of Thomas Anderson alias Neo from the Matrix movie, because he was shooting the film Wild Wild West at the same time. It is finally the actor Keanu Reeves, who won the job. In this fake trailer "The Unusual Suspect" YouTuber imagined, thanks to a skilful editing, […]

Recreating history with movies

Vugar Efendi made a montage where he put side by side different extracts of films, inspired by real events, with the real archival footage. Found in the compilation film the kid, stop me if you can (Catch Me If You Can), The Damned United, Jackie, JFK, Selma, Man on the Moon, The Doors, The Fighter, […]

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