Mom, help me catch this toy !

A kitten wants to catch a small ball that is put on a shelf in a House, but the toy is unfortunately inaccessible. Intrigued, the MOM of the little cat comes and sits down to analyze the situation. Under the caterwauling of her kitten who asks for help, pussy then decided to intervene and grab […]

Mommy crawls out of the baby room

In South Africa, Caryn Morris has a technique very special, and a little scary, to get out of the House of her baby after have fallen asleep with the child. Quietly, she argued on the floor of the room crawling on the back to make the least possible noise. On Facebook, her husband Tyrone said, […]

He tells his son that his mother died

A father tells his son that his mother died last night of a heroin overdose and filmed his reaction. The video was posted on the Facebook dad, Bickerstaff Brenden Clark accompanied by the message: "Today I had to tell my 8 year old son that his mother had died last night from an overdose. It's […]

Peanut-butter Baby

Gina Brown Gardner was at home when she noticed her daughter Emily, 3 years old, and his son Ethan 18 months, were strangely silent since longtime. She found her two children on the kitchen table, the little girl is amused to cover his little brother with peanut butter. Very amused with this beautiful craftsmanship, the […]

Mummy Bear

In the zoo of Sapporo Maruyama in Japan, Milk a polar bear cub falls into the water. Unfortunately he doesn't know yet how to swim yet but his mum saw him and rescued him. This is always impressive to see how the parental instinct is universal. This may be a dog, a bear, or a […]

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