Explosions in a depot of ammunition in Ukraine

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, there was a fire in a depot of arms and ammunition in Balakliia, in Ukraine. Then the fire triggered an impressive series of explosions throughout the day, thereby disappear 138 000 tons of ammunition, mainly artillery. Nearly 20,000 people had to be evacuated within a radius of 5 […]

A military instructor bugs a soldier

During a military exercise, an instructor gives several orders in response to a soldier "come here", "back", "look at the floor", "look up". But the statement "look at you" (look at your own face), the soldier will bugger and have a moment of absence. Soldier.exe has planted. 🙂

Israeli Military Dog

In Kenya, a canine unit Israeli specializing in the protection of people does a demonstration a dog trained against knife attacks. Sitting at the side of the protected person, the dog jumped on the aggressor when he goes on the attack. He grabs the armed wing of the knife to immobilize the guy, allowing the […]

Military Crash

During an exercise of the 173rd Airborne Brigade of the US Army at the military base of Hohenfels, Germany, the airdrop of several Humvees from the planes Lockheed C-130 Hercules was not correctly done. While most vehicles joined the ground safely, three of them hit violently the ground after a problem of their three parachutes. […]

Team work

This wall is 3.50 meters tall and these nine soldiers will show us how they can climb this wall really fast and without ropes and hooks ! This is a team work all of the military know what they do, when they have to do. Ok this is not really a reflection work, but with […]

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