Il court le marathon la teub à l'air ??

Ce mec est énorme, il s'agit de Jozef Urban un marathonien Slovaque qui participait au Marathon international de la Paix de Košice en Slovaquie. Il a finit 10ème avec la bite à l'air et il a même réussi à améliorer son record personnel ! Ce qui est vraiment marrant c'est que les gens essayent de […]

Cross a street during the Boston marathon

The technique used by the organizers to allow pedestrians to cross Beacon Street during the Boston marathon, to the United States. The street is divided into two lanes. One of them is closed to marathon runners so that pedestrians can form a group of about 40 people in the middle of the street, then it […]

Arrival of the last of the Rotterdam marathon !

The last of the Rotterdam marathon welcomed as a champion by the live crowd at the TV. Sunday, April 9, 2017, the Dutch Kelly De Ridder the Red Lantern of the Rotterdam marathon was surprised to finish the last kilometer of the race live on Dutch television (RTV Rijnmond) under the applause of the audience […]

Marathon on hands and knees

The Austin marathon (USA) of the january 15th 2015 has revealed an incredible athlete. The Kenyan Hyvon Ngetich (27 years old) was the header of run at the 30th miles, but on the end she was so much tired to finish this marathon on her two legs she had to crawl. She fought on her […]

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