A cat farts on the nose of another cat

A cat makes a funny head when he feels the fart of another cat after having planted his nose in the anus of the latter. A grimace called "Flehmen reaction", a characteristic attitude common to several mammals, due to the organ of Jacobson allowing the cat to taste the smells with its vomero-nasal organ. He […]

A cat and his hammock

You just woke up and you're here with your coffee to get some lolz to start this beautiful Sunday ? Sorry, you'll got a cute video with a cat and his hammock but if you really want some lolz we have lot of fun videos here ! To begin, who the hell buy a fu*king […]

Fearful cat

When I write my title I thought : " Cats are fearful ? This is a pleonasm ! " But this one is really traumatized, maybe he is one of these cats who was beaten buy his master before he was abandoned in a dark forest... Or maybe he played with the thugcat and he […]

Cats vs cucumbers

This is funny as hell ! I don't know why these cats fear like that seeing these cucumbers but with the slow-mo and the music this clip is so funny I was crying laughing. Ok, I know this isn't funny at all for these poor cats but hey, I could not resist to let you […]

Bring your cat to the shopping

How can you do that to a cat ? And why this cat doesn't react when he is hold in this position ? Is he on drug or what ? If I try to do that to my cat he'll go crazy and punch me in the face saying : "Hey, what the hell you […]

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