Lil Yachty laughs remix

A compilation of hijackings carried out by thruthe9 with laughter from the American rapper Lil Yachty. The different sounds of laughter have been added to videos of chickens plastic, spray or jet high pressure, motorcycles and police car making drifts. Lil Yachty gained popularity with the title '1 Night' on Soundcloud and the title 'Broccoli' […]

Glasses Of The Fail

In a classroom, a student of 14 years must follow a route on the floor wearing a pair of glasses designed to simulate the visual impairment under the influence of alcohol. Despite the imbalance obtained by the glasses, the girl manages somehow to reach the end of the course where the professor waits patiently... At […]

A man laugh

This man has a hidden talent he can laugh even when he sleeps ! This is a really strange phenomena and this man repeats his ritual all the nights, so his wife decided to filming the scene. Honestly, when you see that seat in front of your computer this is just funny, but can you […]

Best talk show ever

This video is really old, but i have to put her on, it's probably one of my favorite in the world. In this video you'll see two guys with damaged vocal cords. At the beginning everything is normal, but after one minutes the presenter starts to laugh, and he can't stop that ! 😀 […]

Reporter and burning drug

4 years ago, somewhere in the Middle East the BBC's Journalist Quentin Sommerville has made a TV report. In a scene, the journalist is in a front of a big pile of burning drug (heroin, opium and hashish). The problem is that smoke is inhaled by the reporter. Therefore the reporter cannot stop to laugh. […]

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