Landing of a plane with through wind (pilot view)

A Boeing 737 pilot film for a crosswind landing. Artur, a Polish pilot at Ryanair, asked a camera in the cockpit for filming during a landing in crosswinds. And we can see that it will not skimp with the handle! In a message on Facebook, he says he earned his pilot salary that day.

Airplane landing on the nose

July 25, 2016 the Douglas A-26 Invader "Silver Dragon" (did you notice that shitty paint on the nose ?) landed as usual but something went wrong (the nose gear collapse) and the nose finally hit the ground. No injuries except for this ugly paint 🙂

Skydiving goes wrong and finally good :)

On Tuesday, June 28th, 2016, on the occasion of a soccer match in Oklahoma City, capital of the State of the Oklahoma, the parachutist Daniel Herndon made a jump with the aim of landing on the lawn of the stadium. But while he was approximately 1 200 meters from the ground, he saw the hangers […]

First rocket landing

Ok, this video is a bit nerd but even if you don't like nerd thing I bet you'll like it. Blue origin is one of the project to send people like you and me in space and this is the first time they make the rocket landed to reuse it the next trip. Let me […]

How Soyuz travels back to Earth

Earth back is violent for these astronauts ... The video shows the hectic landing of three astronauts in Kazakhstan, returning from the International Space Station. Their Soyuz capsule will strikes Earth to a speed of 5km/h, what is considered as a smoothly landing. But as soft as it is considered it is not not really... […]

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