Kittens vs old cat !

Mason is a former errant, aggressive cat with kidney problems. It also has a nasty paw wound and several dental abscesses. Almost 100% of stray cats found are euthanized, but the TinyKitten association wanted to give Mason a chance. After a few months in his new home, the cat has adapted quite well to the […]

Kitten finds a new toy

A kitten has found a new toy for fun. Under a dog, he discovered a pair of bells and fun to type inside with its legs, and even chew them. The dog seems not bothered that you hit the testicles.

A kitten close to death

A kitten misses being crushed by a car while wanting to cross a road in Novosibirsk, Russia. Seeing the little cat on the way, a motorist comes out of his vehicle and shouts as the animal is grazed by the wheel of a car, then catches the kitten before giving it to another motorist.

Two dogs are afraid of a kitten

In a cage, two pugs do not make proud in front of a small kitten. Seeing the little feline rise, the two dogs bark but the kitten does not allow itself to be intimidated and advances towards them. As soon as the kitten makes a step, the dogs have died of funk. Not very brave!

Cat hits a kitten

A cat approaches a small kitten. Suspicious, his first reaction is to want to hit it with his paw. But seeing this cute little ball of fur harmless, he will change his mind and give him a friendly pat on the head. cute 🙂

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